About the Climate Alliance

Lund Climate Alliance create meetings with both climate and business benefits. The network involves businesses who work actively with the climate issue and who sees value in the sharing of knowledge. The mixture of companies and the close cooperation with Lund University and the municipality turns the network into an exciting atmosphere for innovation and new collaborations.

Climate change is one of our time’s greatest challenges and the energy issue is constantly on the action list of companies and organizations both in term of electricity, heating and transport.

Businesses conducted in the municipality of Lund are invited to participate in our climate alliance. It is built on participants’ conditions and needs, both known and likely future ones. Many have already identified the climate and energy issue, and are actively trying to reduce its negative impact on the climate. Some have seen climate change as part of business development to create new products and strengthen their brand. Others want to be a part of the development of society.

Lund Climate Alliance currently consists of approximately 20 members from various industries. We work in a network form with the exchange of experiences and gain new knowledge within the climate and energy area. The Alliance is conducted in close collaboration with the International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics (IIIEE) at Lund University and the municipality of Lund.

Participating companies will eventually run their business without greenhouse emissions. To achieve this the companies should:
• Calculate carbon emissions
• Implement measures to reduce emissions
• Follow up metrics and measures
• Communicate to employees, clients and other stakeholders

There are several different motivations for our member’s commitment to the climate issue:
• The creation of effective action programmes
• Access to calculation tools
• Strengthening of the brand
• Increased comptetitiveness
• Creates behavioral changes